Kaleado partners with leaders to realise the future of the organisations they lead.

Like a kaleidoscope, displaying different shapes and colours as a symmetric picture, we combine essential leadership dimensions to a comprehensive transformation journey.

Our work with you can focus on

  • Self-reflection and personal development
  • Understanding and shaping the dynamics of your team
  • Transforming the leadership philosophy and corporate culture of your organisation
  • Advancing the leadership skills, which will make you successful

You will benefit from the business experience and credibility of our Executive Coaches. Kaleado’s team consists of international business leaders certified as Executive Coaches/ Team Coaches.

Regular self-reflection is key to a leader’s personal development. It creates a space to review, distil and understand the impact leaders make on the organisation and their teams. Tailored to your individual needs, our coaching engagements provide a trusting and confidential environment where we can explore and challenge assumptions. We actively work with you on reaching your defined development objectives. Our own international leadership experience allows us to also act as your objective sparring partners to discuss business challenges you face. LEARN MORE

Your leadership team will be most effective in the presence of mutual trust, ability to have fruitful constructive debates, joint accountability, and commitment to measurable outcomes. Personal dynamics between the members of your team can add complexity and affect team performance. The more diverse your team, the more important it is to know and consider personal styles. Our Team Coaching approach is based on practical academic models, but significantly enriched by our own international leadership experience. We work with your leadership team to recognise, understand, and address visible and hidden team dynamics. LEARN MORE

The “right” corporate culture will catalyse the successful implementation of your strategic roadmap. As a leader you can define a strategy. But you can only influence your desired culture. You and your fellow senior leaders’ alignment on the target state is essential to achieve culture change. You will need to adopt and consistently display desirable behaviours. Then you will serve as role models and influence the direction of your corporate culture. In Culture Transformation we work with you from understanding the existing culture in your organisation to reaching the desired target culture. LEARN MORE

The necessary skills for leaders to be successful are subject to constant change and evolution. The catalysts for change can vary widely, including personal promotions, changing work environments, or even varied cultural and generational expectations of the workforce. Great leaders commit to continuous development and learning.

Our skill development workshops are highly experiential. We believe that the best way to develop your skills as a leader is to learn by doing, in the company of other leaders with shared tenure and level of experience. Workshop participants leave with intellectual understanding, but more importantly, practical experience and strategies on how to put their new skills into practice. LEARN MORE