Leadership Skill Building

We focus on leadership skill building through experiential learning and group process. We believe that the best way for you to develop new skills as a leader is to learn by doing, in the company of other leaders with similar level of experience.

We create a safe and trusted environment for our participants to share their challenges, learn new skills and put research and theory into practice. We encourage you to scrutinize what you hear, experiment, and immediately apply learnings to real challenges and work situations. When you leave our workshops, you won’t just understand concepts intellectually, you will be able to put your skills into practice.

Which leadership skill building workshops do we offer?

Leader as a Coach

Target group:
mid-management to leaders of leaders (for this workshop participants are grouped by experience)
2 days in person or virtual 4 x 4hrs
Group size:
12 participants (max.)
Languages offered:
Face-to-face or virtual

For leaders who are accustomed to tackling performance problems by telling people what to do, a coaching approach may feel too soft. Yet years of research shows that effective coaching by leaders results in employee engagement, improved performance, commitment, and confidence.

In this workshop you will learn effective coaching techniques and practical models. Jointly, we will discuss where coaching fits in among other legitimate leader interventions such as mentoring, teaching, or directing.

  • Define coaching against other Leadership intervention styles.
  • Focus on unlocking others’ potential, not just existing expertise.
  • Practice coaching techniques and receive expert feedback.
  • Learn how to identify and avoid intervention traps.
  • Recognise the power of EQ and self-awareness.
  • Reflect on your personal drivers and experiences – how do these show up in your leadership and communication style?

Leader as a Team Coach

Target group
mid-management to leaders of leaders (for this workshop participants are grouped by experience)
3 days in person or virtual 6 x 4hrs
Group size
12 participants (max.)
Languages offered
Face-to-face or virtual

Suffering team performance is often blamed on lack of skills, initiative or having the right people. Leaders sometimes indulge in “if only” scenarios, overlooking the interpersonal team dynamics, lack of trust, psychological safety, and effective communication-subtle undercurrents that thwart performance. Expert facilitators can be brought in to ‘fix’ the issue, and the intervention can work for a time. However, equipping leaders with team coaching expertise and knowledge offers long term benefits to the organisation and team performance.

In this workshop you will gain skills of a leader team coach. You will learn to recognise a diverse range of typical team dynamics and master some simple techniques to create a cohesive and self-balancing team.

  • Define team coaching and its benefits.
  • Understand your role as a team coach.
  • Learn to identify range of team dynamics.
  • Recognise your team’s normal defences to stress and anxiety.
  • Discern the different group participation behaviours.
  • Learn how to effectively manage conflict within your team.
  • Focus on empowering your team to self-manage and achieve outstanding results.