Meet our Core Team

We are a team of internationally experienced Executive Coaches and Team Coaches. We have gained significant leadership experience in globally leading companies. We enjoyed international careers and are multi-lingual. We are experienced in developing people as leaders and Executive Coaches. We have led transformation programmes in cross-cultural settings.

We partner with you to realise the future of the organisation you lead.

Meyer auf der Heyde

Based in Germany
Alexander is the founder and managing director of Kaleado. He works with senior leaders on their personal development, and international leadership teams to improve team performance, team dynamics and drive culture transformation projects.


Based in the United Kingdom
Ania is an internationally experienced and accredited Executive Coach and Team Coach, specialising in working with business leaders and leadership teams to achieve exceptional performance results.

Jenny (Xiaoyi)

Based in China
Jenny works with leadership teams to accelerate their journey to performance, as well as with individual leaders on their development to better self.


Based in the United Arab Emirates
Delel is a seasoned former business and transformation leader with intercultural experience in various industries. She held senior leadership roles in the Middle East and Europe within globally leading companies such as Hewlett Packard, PepsiCo, KPMG and Gartner. As a former Chief Information Officer, Delel led cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams, driving big transformation initiatives to support top line and bottom-line growth.

Your specific requirements will define the composition of our team. Our international network of Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants will collaborate with you to reach success. We will be where you need us, face-to-face or virtually.