Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching allows you to objectively reflect on daily experience, openly reveal thoughts and feelings, and to constructively challenge your behaviours.

Throughout an intensive learning process, we encourage you to leave comfort zones. We support you in identifying and trying alternative approaches, defining new boundaries, and achieving personal development goals. Our work is always driven by the following key aspects:

Empathy—We invite you to share your individual situation and development goals with full openness. You will encounter no judgement.

Clearly agreed objectives—We agree on your desired outcome and approach and regularly review progress.

Questions and challenge—We will ask exploratory questions to facilitate your own observation and analysis. We listen, with the occasional challenge to limited or entrenched assumptions.

Focus on your personal key topics—We maintain focus on your agenda, your context, and your developmental goals.

Motivation and support—We assume an objective stance and position your situation into a broader context. We foster an environment that supports your development. We are on your side—always.

We aim to conduct our Executive Coaching sessions face-to-face. However, we offer and are used to working over video should your schedule require.

How do we support your personal development?

We work with leaders in numerous countries and from various cultural backgrounds. Our Executive Coaches work in different languages. Most of our clients are senior leaders or mid-level executives on their way to becoming senior leaders. However, we do also offer coaching to a broader level of business professionals.

The objectives, challenges and situation of each coaching client are highly individual and often unique. However, our work can be grouped into several focus areas:

Supporting you in developing your authentic leadership style

  • Develop your personal gravitas and executive presence
  • Evolve your individual, authentic leadership style
  • Move from being an efficient manager to an inspirational senior leader
  • Learn from feedback and act on it

Leadership is a continuous journey of individual development, requiring willingness and ability to regularly reflect and adapt. Your career journey might have started with exceptional performance in an operational line function, followed by a subsequent promotion into your first leadership role. Roles with growing accountability for businesses and larger teams might have followed.

An ascending career journey demands evolution to your leadership style. Attention to detail, importance of empathetic communication, and ability to manage internal and external stakeholder groups vary significantly between management layers. Behaviours that were key for success in a mid-management role, may have negative impact on your success in a senior role. All leadership levels differ in skills requirement. Evolving your skills will fuel your ability to leverage the full potential of your organisation.

We believe that your leadership style evolution must stay aligned with your core values and principles. Your personal brand may have to evolve, but our Executive Coaching supports you to remain authentic.

Supporting you in being an effective cross-cultural leader

  • Communicate effectively in culturally diverse environments
  • Balance the needs of culturally different parts of your international team
  • Assume a leadership role spanning several geographies effectively
  • Relocate and adapt to specific needs of people from different cultural backgrounds

Cultural differences materialise in a multitude of dimensions, including communication styles, relationship management, decision-making, and organisational dynamics. A leadership style successful in one geography may lead to misunderstandings in another country. Your effectiveness as a cross-cultural leader will depend on your ability to respond to these differences while remaining authentic.

We will leverage our own international business and intercultural experience to support your development as interculturally sensitive leader.

Supporting you in smoothly assuming a new leadership position

  • Assume a new leadership position successfully
  • Prepare for your new challenges and succeed as a leader
  • Define the target perception you wish to create and act on it
  • Build a strong network of stakeholders early on
  • Reflect on your initial experience with an experienced senior leader

You might have very little time to prepare for your transition into a new leadership position. While handing over your previous position, you may have already taken charge of your new role. It may be taken for granted that you will ‘hit the ground running’. Expectations towards you are high and first impressions count.

As former senior leaders, we can help you to reflect on your early experiences, challenge your ideas, observations, and plans in a safe environment. This will give you the confidence and time to build your new internal support network while you execute your plan for the often quoted “first 100 days.”

Work with a seasoned leader as your trusted advisor

  • Discuss your thoughts and business challenges with someone at peer level
  • Benefit from objective feedback and an unbiased view
  • Gain an objective second perspective on ideas or concepts you have in mind

You may feel lonely at the top. You might feel that there are less people around, available for conversations that are unbiased by their own agenda. Our Executive Coaches will act as your sparring partner in confidential conversations about business challenges, personal obstacles, and concerns. In a safe environment inside the realities of complex political organisations.